The evolution of relining:
IN.TEC presents the new “spray relining” of drains pipes

Relining with liner and resin: the most effective method agaist leaks in drain pipes

The long lasting solution against the bacterial and fungine proliferation in airconditioning ducts

Flexible liners, resins, equipments:
our production for no-dig drain pipes relining

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Since 1992 we are pioneers for the no-dig relining of drain pipes in buildings

In a perspective of continuous evolution, this year IN.TEC relaunches on the international market three new spray machines for pipes relining:

Spray Coat Maxi – Spray Coat Midi – Spray Coat Mini

When a built-in drain-pipe, a sewer pipe or a Y-branch breaks, repair work involves demolishing walls and sometimes wall coverings and floors, causing evident inconvenience. The good news is that these repair jobs could be done without demolition, thanks to non-destructive repair techniques that IN.TEC expert in.

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