IN.TEC relining system is renewed. SPRAY COAT is born in three versions: maxi - midi - mini

In a perspective of continuous evolution, this year IN.TEC relaunches on the international market three new spray machines for pipes relining:

Spray Coat Maxi – Spray Coat Midi – Spray Coat Mini

In fact, already in 1995 IN.TEC designed and produced the first spraying machine, called "Easy Coat", totally dedicated to the No-Dig rehabilitation of small diameter drain pipes. 

"EASY COAT" was able to reline bathrooms drains with multiple lateral connections and part lines of drain columns with the application of a structural epoxy resin film with excellent thixotropic characteristics (quality that prevented dripping).

Today IN.TEC presents the evolution of this extraordinary realisation of the past, and has  designed and manufactured not one but  three spray machines to meet the different needs of professionals, based on the requests of their customers.

 spray coat maxi spray coat midiWith “Spray Coat MAXI”, “Spray Coat MIDI” and the small “Spray Coat MINI” it is possible to perform pipes rehabilitations from a few centimeters up to 17 meters, for diameters ranging from ø 40mm up to ø 200mm,  also with section changes, with bends and with lateral connections pouring into columns. Like the traditional IN.TEC relining system, made of flexible liners and epoxy resin, the new spray system can solve problems of leakage in:

  • pluvial and black water drain columns
  • kitchens and bathrooms drain pipes
  • T and Y connections
  • swimming pools pipes

The system is also suitable for operations of confinement of asbestos cement pipes in order to eliminate dangerous demolitions.

Now, as always during almost 30 years of innovations and advanced realizations in the pipes relining sector, IN.TEC manufactures its consumables (flex liners and epoxy resins) and equipments in its laboratories using first quality raw materials, Made in Italy and Eco Friendly.