The Company

The Company

IN•TEC was established in 1992 and is the first company in Europe to develop innovative technological systems to be applied in civil and industrial Real Estate maintenance such as: non-destructive relining of small and medium diameter drain pipes installed within the walls and under the floors, and the longterm antibacterial sanitisation of air conditioned ducts and installations.

 IN•TEC has always emphasized the research and development department and achieved a number of patents. It’s objective throughout the years was to realise an optimised system for Non Destructive (No-Dig) Drain Pipes Relining, which is able to assure the complete functional recovery of pipes in a definite way. There are several advantages; economic, time saving, environment-friendly, elimination of masonry and plumbing maintenance, and, most of all, the absence of scaffolding, dust and all the noises that are typical of traditional pipe-replacements works.

 In order to to deal with the critical issues concerning the air quality control in confined environments, IN•TEC has found the definitive solution regarding the bacterial prolification problem typical of old and new air conditioning ducts with its Permanent Antibacterial Sanitisation system. 

IN•TEC is a company committed to solve the potential issues that may have negative impacts on the environment. IN•TEC has reached a leadership position thanks to its dynamic research and devolpment department whose goal is to develop advanced and innovative research applicable to Real Estate requalifications works.


politica comerciale IN•TEC not only applies its systems for Non Destructive Drain Pipes relining and for the Permanent Antibacterial Sanitisation of air conditioning ducts; IN•TEC’s commercial policy also forsees:

  • Italian market: the organisation of a network of Concessionaires already operating in Real Estate Maintenance who receive from IN•TEC the necessary training on the application knowhow so as to be in the position to offer and correctly apply both systems within the Real Estate Requalification projects;
  • Foreign markets: the sale of consumables and equipment to distributors and qualified No-Dig contractors;
  • Direct collaboration with maintenance, installers and air conditioning systems manufacturing companies for the treatment of air conditioned ducts, both old and new, to guarantee a preventive and permanent antibacterial treatment.