INTEC in recent years has implemented its own research and development section by designing and manufacturing the new versions of EASY COAT, already launched on the market almost 20 years ago as the first No-Dig spray relining system.


Today, a great attention has been given to the formulation of a two-component, structural, thixotropic epoxy resin, INTEC has been able to offer to the market a renewed and wide range of machines, effectively enriching its own No-Dig relining system.


The decision to create three versions of SPRAY COAT arises from the need to respond to the various requests of customers, who, according to their business needs, decide to purchase the most suitable version.


To further grow the System, INTEC has decided to join forces and that of its customers with the birth of a NETWORK and a real ACADEMY.


The purpose of the NETWORK is to increase the visibility of the individual customer, meeting the needs of end users thanks to the growing coverage of the territory.

This will give the various applicators of the INTEC system the opportunity to have an extra tool to make themselves known and to create collaborations in order to manage more complex and larger works, both with us and between the Customers themselves.

The ACADEMY will take care of training, updates and the transmission of technical and operational solutions for the many variables encountered during the relinings operations.

This will be possible thanks to our thirty years of experience in the relining business, being able to adapt or modify equipments and materials, as we are the manufacturers, and thanks to the great professionalism and experience of our technicians.

In fact, we plan single technical sessions or in small groups to increase skills on all application fields by transmitting not only notions but also our Know-How background.

We also provide help for the technical planning of particularly complex works and the possibility of having a tutor on site who will support the applicators during the work.

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