IN•TEC manufactures flexible liners made of felt and fabric, 100% polyester, with high tenacity, untouchable by moulds, microorganisms, resistent to chemical agents and suitable for the non-destructive relining of drain pipes with diameters ranging from 40 to 300mm. The liners, variable in width and weight, are coated on one side with a thermoplastic polyurethane-based material.

This makes them ideal to reline all kind of pipes, with every shape, and makes them waterproof. The particular flexibility of IN•TEC liners also makes it possible to work on pipes that vary in section and direction, with curves up to 90°. For specific applications, the liners are designed and manufactured tailor-made on the basis of the results of the diagnostic video inspection.

The particular ductility and flexibility of IN.TEC liners for No-Dig pipes relinings allow to operate also on pipelines with section and direction changes ( easy multiple bends at 90 °). For specific applications the liners are designed and produced according to the needs identified during the diagnostic investigation phase.

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