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IN•TEC, established in Italy in 1992, is the first european company to develop innovative technological systems to be applied in civil and industrial Real Estate maintenance such as: No-dig relining of small and medium diameter drain pipes installed within the walls and under the floors, and the long term antibacterial sanitization of aged air conditioning ducts. IN•TEC focused its attention to the research and development department and achieved a number of patents.

It's aim through the years was to achieve an optimized system for Non Destructive (No-Dig) Drain Pipes Relining, able to assure the complete functional pipe recovery. There are several advantages; cost-effective, time saving, and environment-friendly. This is possible through the elimination of masonry and plumbing interventions, and mostly by the absence of scaffolding, dust and noises that are typical of traditional pipe-replacements.

In order to deal with critical issues concerning air quality control in confined environments, IN•TEC has found the definitive solution regarding the bacterial proliferation problem typical of old and new air conditioning ducts with its Permanent Antibacterial Sanitization system.

IN•TEC is a company committed to solve the potential issues that may have negative impacts on the environment.



IN•TEC not only applies its systems for Non Destructive Drain Pipes relining and for the Permanent Antibacterial Sanitisation of air conditioning ducts; IN•TEC’s commercial policy also foresees:

  • Italian market: the organization of a network of concessionaires already operating in Real Estate maintenance who are trained by IN•TEC on the application knowhow to be in the position to offer and correctly apply both systems within the Real Estate requalification projects;

  • Foreign markets: consumable and equipment sales to distributors and qualified No-Dig contractors;

  • Direct collaboration with maintenance AC companies, Ac installers, and AC manufacturing companies for the treatment of AC ducts, both old and new, to guarantee a preventive and permanent antibacterial treatment.

Our history through our inventions:



Research, development and production of PVC coated flexible liners, epoxy resins with ambient curing and specific equipment ( round inverters of liners and accessories - Patent Number 0254646).


Development and production of the "Fast Cutter", a mini robot for laterals re-opening and supplied with lamellar brushes for finishing.


Development of the "Open End" system for pipe relining without outlets.


Research, development and production of the small "Easy Coat" spray machine for the relining of small/medium diameter drain pipes for bathrooms, kitchens, etc.


Development and application of the "Antibacterial and Antifungi Sanification" of long duration (10 years) for air conditioning ducts by spraying encapsulating acrylic resin mixed with bactericide and fungicide (Patent Number 0131787)


Design and manufacture of flexible liners packaged with "T" and "Y" lateral entries for the rehabilitation of drain columns and laterals in a single solution.


Development of flexible liners with PU (Polyurethane coating - Patent Number 0001325080)


R&D, production and sale of structural epoxy resin spraying machines (Spray Coat Maxi - Midi - Mini) as a valid alternative to traditional relining (liners + resin).

Our values...

...environment friendly

The IN•TEC system

When a built-in drain-pipe, a sewer pipe or a Y-branch breaks, repair work involves demolishing walls and sometimes wall coverings and floors, causing evident inconvenience, especially when the work is carried out from inside the building...

Relining in white gloves

In the past years the traditional repair of old leaking drain pipes was involving major masonry works, installation of scaffolds, occupation of public pavements, production of noise and dust originating uneasiness for the inhabitants of the buildings...

IN•TEC: The Long Lasting Solution

The "Legionary disease", a lung infection caused by "Legionella Pneumophila" has emphasized how much the quality of the air conditioned can be dangerous. This new pathological phenomenology has stressed not only the need of...

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