Relining in white gloves


In the past years the traditional repair of old leaking drain pipes was involving major masonry works, installation of scaffolds, occupation of public pavements, production of noise and dust originating uneasiness for the inhabitants of the buildings and high costs of the repair operations.

Too often the repairs were causing more damage than the leaking itself.

The innovative IN•TEC drain pipes relining system has been developed to be first of all environment friendly because is avoiding annoying noises, dust, scraps of old mortar, plaster and wall papers ruined and facades totally disfigured. The timing of the application of the IN•TEC relining process in a vertical pluvial drain pipe of 20/30 meters length is in average one day without causing any disturbance to the inhabitants of the buildings because IN•TEC team works either from the roof or from the basement.

When a built-in drain-pipe, a sewer pipe or a Y-branch breaks down, repair work involves demolishing walls and sometimes wall coverings and floors, causing evident inconvenience, especially when the work is carried out inside the building. Here is a wide review of non- destructive repair techniques for internal pipes in buildings.

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