Spray Coat

Spraying machine for no-dig coating of pluvial, black water, bathrooms drains and lateral connections using a tixotropic and structural epoxy resin.

Can coat straights pipes starting from dn 40 mm to 150 mm and pipes with 90°

  • Easy to maneuver for operations in restricted area because of its light weight (55 kg) and limited overall dimensions
  • Full automatic operation controlled by last generation software
  • Direct interconnectivity with users to receive alarm signals on real time
  • structural and rapid curing epoxy resin (60 minutes)
  • Excellent price/quality ratio

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Quadro di controllo portatile

Portable control box panel

Equipped with a 7” or 10" touch panel. Easy and intuitive to plan and monitor all work phases. Being portable it is possible to connect it both to the machine and to the puller, by placing it in the most convenient position for the specific processing. It is equipped with an integrated service tele-assistance system that allows to interact remotely.


Spraying cable puller

Motorized, with shaped and rubberized rollers, tiltable. Designed to automatically vary the recovery speed of the sprayig cable according to the diameter of the tube and the thickness of the applied resin.

Fruste: meccanica o elettrica

Spraying cable

Available 4 spraying cables with standard lengths of 17 mt electrical, 7 mt electrical or 7mt mechanical and 4 meters mechanical equipped with a heating cable inside.
In the mechanical cable the turbine is fed by a flexible shaft (CW and CCW) that extends along the entire length of the cable...



Aluminum structure for the transport of the two resin containers. Equipped with an electrical panel with two thermoregulators that activate the pre-heating of the resin prior inserting them inside the machine.


Air blower

Small in size but very performing. It allows to quickly dry the pipes and to accelerate the time of the first hardening of the resin.

Resina UNITEC 120/S

Resin UNITEC 120/S

Two-component, epoxy, thixotropic resin with high mechanical (E> 2,8 GPa) and thermal resistance (up to 80° C) with initial curing times of 60' at 20° C. Applicable on any substrate as long as it is free of greasy substances, with thicknesses up to 1.8mm in a single pass. It allows the pipe to be reused after only 2 hours from the end of the application. It is supplied in cans of 10.74 kg. (A + B)

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